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Simply Spring Ideas and Inspiration Tour

March 10, 2014

Who's ready for Spring, raise your hand????
To kick off this lovely season, and my favorite time of the year, I am happy to welcome you to the Simply Spring Ideas and Inspiration Tour. You may have remembered me joining up with this group of bloggers before, and I am sure that their Spring tidbits and inspiring ideas will be nothing short of amazing.

Here's the schedule for today.

I am sharing my favorite Spring decor projects on Tuesday so head back here tomorrow after a stop with today's group.

Have an amazing week!

Grateful for~
The start of a beautiful new season....Spring

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Creating A Cozy Home Tour- Winter Mantel Idea

January 13, 2014

I think Mother Nature or Jack Frost are teasing us this year.... and big time. 
Don't you?

I mean, near 0 degree temps last week ......and still NO SNOW!
But she...or he,  did manage to help facilitate a broken water pipe and leave us without water on the coldest morning of the year!

And so the Winter Mantel remains yet a constant reminder of what my kids want to see so much this winter....snow.

Until then, they will have to settle for some faux snowball like balls that I picked up at Pier One last year and used here. And my dollar store snowflakes that are strung with fresh evergreen, from the Norfolk pines that I used in the house for Christmas. 

A few grapevine balls scattered around and the "Let It Snow" sign that I picked up on clearance and also used here.

So, I will keep the sign up through the Winter months,  along with a little wishful thinking that maybe one morning my children will wake up to lots of fluffy white stuff outside.......and no broken water pipes! 

If not, the Winter mantel this year will have to do. 

Enjoy the winter season!

Please join the rest of the blogs on the 
Creating a Cozy Home Tour all this week

Monday, January 13th

Tuesday, January 14th

Wednesday, January 15th

Thursday, January 16th

Friday,  January 17th

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Christmas Home Tour 2013

December 6, 2013

Welcome to new and old friends of Top This Top That and Happy Holidays. I am Laura and this is the 27th stop on the Christmas Home Tour.

I am so excited you are here today. Living in the South, we just love it when people come to visit....... it's just when they don't leave that we have a problem. But you can stay as long as you want.

It's been a week full of incredible holiday inspiration and beautiful homes. I hope my few days of decorating the house, having
a sick child home all week,( poor fella) and gloomy, dismal, rainy weather since Sunday, will live up to the amazing homes and talent that you have seen so far.
I am also linking up to Jen Rizzo's holiday house walk party.

No sense recreating the front porch this year. Wreaths in red and green that I love,were from last year. I spray painted my monogram initial and planters in red. I also placed Norfolk Pines in the planters
with the ivy. I liked those little trees so much, I opted to get a few for the inside of the house as well. Festive and fun.....and ready to greet you at the door. For more of my front porch click here.

While living in the country,  gifts of nature are right outside my
window, and this year I took full advantage of that. I stayed true to the theme and with my decor in using and decorating what probably best represents me and what I love....and for the most part already had.
 I came up with 'Woodland Glam' with a dose of classic red.

It's a house divided here at Top This Top That with Woodland Glam in one part of the house...........

and classic red in the other.

Today I will tour you briefly through my holiday home and next week take you back into the spaces with more pictures and details. I hope you will come back to visit.

Depending on what door you knock at , will determine what holiday look you'll see.

Side door and breezeway entrance

 This is a major highway in our home and needs to be clear of most 'stuff' as family members buzz by. I kept it simple yet festive in here with a few wreaths and a tiny tree that sits on the red lockers.
Living on a farm.....boots come in handy especially when you are feeding your donkeys.

 At the Front DoorMy Let it snow sign that I scored in the clearance section, sits on top of wrapped gifts with little faux cedar trees, pine cones and silver ornaments. I sure do wish North Georgia had pine cones the size of the ones that I purchased at Hobby Lobby. Does anyone have pine cones that big in their backyard? If so , can you send me a few....please.

Dining Room

My Dining Room table iset with a woodland tablescape. The inspiration for this room came from the ornaments that I used on the back of each chair, and at a couple of dollars a piece...... they were too pretty to pass up. My centerpiece started as a basic garland swag and was transformed into a beautiful centerpiece surrounded by mercury class candle holders.
 You can click here to see more details of this room and details on how to transform your space using items that you already have.

Living Room

Oh sweet living Room......how I wish I sat with you more often. This year, rather then putting up a tree in this space like I normally do, you can see my Greeancres inspired tree from last year here, I chose a potted Northfolk Pine instead. I love the simplicity of the tree.  I wrapped the base in some cream colored tulle and hung glass ornaments in silver, gold and cream that i have had for years.  Wreaths hang on the windows with the words LOVE and JOY attached......isn't that what the season is all about?

 Keeping Room

This is typically where I sit to read the paper, talk to hubby or chill out. The space is right off the kitchen so it is centrally located to be near all the action if I am needed.....as I am chilling out. Like that ever happens.
 I moved a few of my pillows from the family room to add a bit of red to the space. I also found some cool little snowflakes for .75 each ( I realized I couldn't make them for that price), that I suspended on the chandelier with clear string.  


This is with out a doubt the absolute heart of our home. From meals, to homework to social gatherings, this is pretty much where most of the action takes place. Because of our layout, the 'Family' Christmas tree sits in the breakfast area which is right between the kitchen and family room. This is always such a treat to be able to view the tree from both spaces.  For more regular readers, notice any changes to the kitchen?
Other then the tree, everything in this space are things that I already had and use each year. At the end of  every holiday season when things get marked down, I pick up a few new ornaments for the next year.
For my complete kitchen tour, click here and Holiday Mantel here.

 Family Room
 If you follow my blog then you may have heard me mention that this space was originally planned and designed to be a screen porch.
Turning it into a Family room was one of the best decisions during the building phase that we could have made. My family absolutely loves to be in this room. The current color scheme in the room works with the holiday without really having to do much decorating at all. If you look closely on the walls you will see the change of colors that I am making. I am getting rid of the yellowish color (on top) and opting for a more neutral beige (on bottom)
 I only hope Santa Claus brings me a painter so I can get the job done!

Night pictures....inside

and outside. Click here for Holiday Outdoor lights

I want to thank you for stopping by today, it really means alot. I hope you enjoyed the tour. You can also see my 2012 Holiday home here and for my holiday inspiration and projects here .
My wish for you this holiday season is to take the time to slow down,enjoy and to truly appreciate the gifts that are right in front of you.

Click here to go to house #28, Domestically Speaking.
Here is the complete schedule for the entire tour in case you missed any of the homes.


Sharing at~

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Christmas Home Tour All This Week

December 2, 2013

Happy Holidays! 
I am so excited to be apart of the Home for the Holidays Holiday tour this week. I am sharing my festive decor on Friday, and can not wait to have you back. Until then, you are in for a treat with 29 other bloggers sharing some wonderful holiday homes and inspiration.  The links to each blogger are below.
Enjoy and have a great week!


I prefer the simple things in life ....Fall Tablescape Tour

November 14, 2013

I prefer going to a concert in the park......... before going to a symphony
My husband likes me best in jeans and a tee-shirt....rather then getting all dressed up.
I prefer using a vintage crock for a flower vase....instead of a fancy glass one.

I prefer using Chinette .... instead of real china
I would purchase goods from a local mom and pop shop ....before a big chain store.
I prefer wearing my flip flops....... over high heels. 

I prefer picking flowers from my yard....instead of buying them at the florist.
I prefer using bandannas on my table.... instead of using napkins

I prefer garden fresh produce.....over store bought.
A night out with my husband, is sitting on the back porch having dinner....instead of being in a crowded restaurant.
I prefer burlap runners on the table.....instead of a table cloth.

I will take fresh squeezed orange juice......over a carton any morning
I prefer wearing my hair in a pony tail....instead of an up-do.
I like drinking champagne out of a solo cup........ instead of a glass flute.

I prefer to snuggle on the couch with my family watching a movie ....instead of being in a crowded movie theater.
I prefer flea market finds ....over fancy showrooms.
I live in a town with 500 people........instead of a city with many.

And even with it's flower arrangement with sticks from the backyard, mismatched white plates, orange spray painted charges and individual flower bottles used as placecards placed on each plate.....this is what I prefer this year on my Thanksgiving table.

So tell me, flip flops or high heels....which do you prefer?

I hope you will visit all of the bloggers on this tour for some amazing tablescape ideas.

Grateful for~
the simple things in life

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