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Winters in The House...Home Decor Ideas

January 12, 2015

I don't know about you, but I always find that I need to fill the seasonal decor transition between Christmas and Spring with something....anything.  It would actually depress me to take the Christmas stuff down and have nothing around to look at. As if these cold temperatures aren't depressing enough.

So throughout the house I have decorated with stuff that I have had for years, stuff I made, stuff from my closet, and stuff that I took out of the Christmas bin. All lovely reminders of winter, without spending a dime. 
This pine cone wreath that I made ~15 years ago hangs in the kitchen window.

I am in Love....With My Wood Plank Ceiling

December 16, 2014

I interrupt the slew of fabulous Christmas ideas, gorgeous home tours and recipes for yummy holiday treats to bring you .........my new wood planked and beamed family room ceiling. 

Christmas Home Tour 2014

December 4, 2014

Surprise! It's me....and my donkey Oreo. 
We are stop 22 on Jennifer Rizzo's  2014 Holiday House walk.

I know you came here looking for a home tour, but instead you are greeted by the most festive looking donkey you will ever see! Oreo and I are both so happy that you are here for the tour.  If you are stopping by from the DIY Showoff, I think you can agree that Roeshel is the sweetest DIY'er  ever, and it's always a treat to visit her beautiful home!

If you are new to Top This Top That, I am Laura. A city girl turned country gal. I live on a dirt road in a small town (population 501) in North East Georgia on a farm that my husband and I built 12 years ago. Along with the donkeys, dogs, chickens and cats that we picked up along the way, we also have twin 1st graders and a 3rd grader. Needless to say, life around here is very active, fun and full of life.
So come on in and enjoy the tour!

Thanksgiving Table Ideas

November 20, 2014

Little did I know ....

How pretty my table runner made out of brown craft paper here would look on this years thanksgiving table.

Or how the 'fancy' gold chargers that I bought 15 years ago when I hosted my in laws for the the first thanksgiving dinner....only to find out they were really were more like chinette paper plate people, could look pretty darn good with my everyday white dishes with mismatched plates on top.

A Project Out of Necessity

November 6, 2014

My husband was taking down a ceiling fan that no longer worked in our family room over the weekend and while on a very long ladder, mentioned that the wainscot on the ceiling looked a little warped so he removed one of the boards. 

Surprise!! Not a stitch of insulation to be seen. What the What ( as my kids would say). When we designed and built our home 12 years ago, this room was intended to be a screened in patio and in the 11th hour during the building process we decided to turn it into an enclosed space. We were under the impression that the roof was insulated...... for the last 12 years, during every blazing Georgia Summer and Cold winter! So this my friends, is why we embrace the DIY concept.

May Roundup- Craft Room Reveal, Summer Mantel, 'No Name' Summer Dessert

June 2, 2014

Happy June. Hope you had a fabulous month. I am hoping that if it's anything like May, it won't fly by. Why do summer months have to do that anyways?
Did you notice my new header?  Ha. After 2 1/2 years of blogging, I finally came up with a tag line.  Live, Laugh & Decorate. I think it totally represents me and my blog. 

Earlier in the month I was out in the garden sharing my Wisteria Wreath. PS- My wisteria is still going gang busters out in the garden. I know many mentioned that they wish they had it, but it is so evasive.

Summer is in full swing ...well on the mantel it is at least. How about you...are you ready for summer? Some of you have asked about the buoys that I used. They are old wooden ones that had the original orange color on them, that belong to my husband's grandfather. 

 My lego anxiety has been cured with our new lego table that we put in the game room. I am thrilled that all the legos now can be found in one spot, but have you ever stepped on a lego with bare feet... boy it hurts!

I did a little baking and came up with this 'No Name' summer dessert. You guys rocked the suggestions and here's a few that you came up with......
Lazy Daisies
Nanner Surprise
Banana Cream Tarts
Vanilla Cloud Cups
Sunshine Pie
Banana Dream Cloud
Sunshine Cups

and my pal at Bliss Ranch submitted these original names.... although I seem a theme here
Bitsy Bites of Bliss.
Banana Bliss Bites.
Vanilla Bliss Bites.
Simple Bliss Bites

Since summer started with the kiddos at home, the only time I can really sneek up to the Craft room without kids in tow, is at night.
Regardless, day or night....I love my new space.

Did you see how my garden has evolved over the years here. Hint...It didn't always look like this!  I also hope that you entered the $100 Visa gift card giveaway. If not, head on over, smell the roses before June 22nd and enter to win!

Have a fabulous June!

PS- don't forget to join the Elements of Summer Tour going on this week. I will have you over on Friday but don't miss out on the other tours going on all week.

Grateful for~
all our precious animals around Top This Top That

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Summer Mantel 2014...Almost, Kinda, Sorta

May 27, 2014

Although summer doesn't officially begin until June 21st, many believe that it's Memorial Day that kicks off the summer season. 

You know, the time where it's okay to start wearing your white shorts and time to put away those boots, unless your the kind that wears boots with your Daisy Dukes that is. 
So, since it's almost, kinda, sorta summer, I figured I would usher in Summer time on the mantel this weekend.

I think my mantel evokes my thoughts about summer......bright, simple, beachy with a touch of orange and aqua blue.

Some orange wooden buoys got a little refresh with white and a pop of aqua to coordinate with some wooden oars that I painted.

The beach sign that I made here, that I absolutely love... has surfaced every year and points South to the .......

Sea glass colored vessel that has some "pretend" beach grass in it. I sprayed some dried greens with white paint...Shhhhh, don't tell anyone, especially this guy......

This Sperm Whale print that I framed in one of my Ribba frames from IKEA .... was actually the inspiration for it all. Factoid for you.  Did you know The Sperm whale is the world's largest toothed predatory fish. Males can reach longer than 65 feet and females 35 feet. Luckily for me and most of you, we should be able to spot one. 

And although this makes me feel slightly better when building sand castles at the beach this year, every time I dip my toe in the ocean I think about the original movie 'Jaws' ...and how after all these years it still creeps me out.
How about you?
Happy start of summer.....well almost.

PS- If you really want to be the subject matter expert on Whales while sitting on the beach this summer go here.

Grateful for~
A beach vacation this summer

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DIY Cake Plate....From a Toothbrush Holder

May 14, 2014

Don't think for a moment that this post is about those gorgeous pink cupcakes with cute little flowers on them......cause it's not.

 Or how your kids can make a big mess with that frosting and it how stains ....but a little Shout seems to get it clean.

And it's not about this pretty plate with the beautiful trim and embossed design that....I picked up for $1.50.

Nope, it's none of those things. It's all about the pedestal that it sits on.

And would you believe long before it was holding cupcakes, it was holding....... toothbrushes!

Yup, the toothbrushes can't believe it either!

When's the last time you recycled something?

PS. To see another cake plate I made with a candle holder, click here.

Grateful for~
to see kids with pink frosting all over them!


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DIY Lego Table

May 8, 2014

For many years now,  well, ever since the first lego showed up on the game room floor, I have had an ongoing 'love hate' relationship with legos......Especially the really teeny tiny ones.
And if you must know, it's been more hate then love ...sorry kids, sad but true
But, that's all about to change.

I think it's the constant harassing and begging the kids to put them back properly, followed up with the threats to give them all away to "children that will respect their legos" that I will miss most. I am sure my kids will as well.

 My kids will no longer need to search for that one small piece that's somewhere between the couch cushions, that will turn the chair in the kitchen,  or the blue pieces that I sucked up with the vacuum last week, that can create a bed. They can find them now....easily.

And happily spend hours building and creating roofs for their high rises or......

 cars to go cruising in.

Cause mama's dumped them right in here.

Right where they belong.

I will have a tutorial on how to make my 'lego saving sanity table' .....as soon as I finish searching the house for any remaining legos.

What's your relationship with legos like?

grateful for~
a husband who feels the same way about legos and built the table

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Gallery Wall and A New Window

April 28, 2014

I think I finally created a gallery wall in the den that I can stare at and be happy ..........it's filled with my children's art work.

My kids happened to make me the most amazing birthday cake this weekend. Now this is perfection....

and it was delish. Each of my kids baked their own layer with dad, and gooped frosting all over it.

Picked these up this week...... My first peach tree. I figured it was about time, since I live in the peach state. I see a delicious peach pie in our future. 

And finally, I was so excited to show you the full kitchen reveal this week, but this happened....a new window over what was my butlers pantry. And this time, it was all this handsome guys fault.

Some girls get diamonds for their birthday, I get windows..... and kisses!

Have a super fantastic week.

PS-  oh  no.....some of you have had problems getting my emails recently. Not sure what the problem is, I think it's a feedburner issue. Please consider resubscribing by email or following me here, here or here

Grateful ~
For a family that loves me

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Spring Tablescape....3 looks...1 plate

April 22, 2014

Nothing inspires me more this time of year then natures beauty and
a pretty Spring table....

My hidden passion ( shhhhh)  is creating pretty tables, my challenge is always using what I got and today I am sharing three different looks with one pretty pink plate.....perfect for Spring.

I picked up these floral plates at World Market a few months ago......  I think it was the color, since all my plates are white.

A walk in the garden to clip a bunch of azaleas to sit in a white tea cup and some pink spray paint on a plastic charger, and I created my first Spring tablescape.

It didn't take much more effort to create the second look, other then spraying some yellow spray paint on a glass vase and on a charger. 
I love how it pulls from the yellow flowers on the plate. The combination of pink and yellow is perfect.

The third look is a bit more calmer, with the plates sitting on a silver charger and the table flanked with mercury glass holders filled with the flowers.

Now, my other challenge is choosing which tablescape I will use....since I love them all. 
3 looks inspired by one pretty pink plate.
What inspires you this time of the year?

I am joining some other 'tablesetting lovin' bloggers in a Spring table party. I know you will be inspired as you visit all of the other beautiful tables.

Grateful for~

A table to sit at

Tuesday, April 22

Wednesday, April 23

Thursday, April 24


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