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Credenza Makeover....Office Progress

November 3, 2014

Little by little, the changes in my office are coming together, but that's basically how I roll these days. Sllllooooowwww.
Gone are the days where projects were finished in a weekend. Now it's more like a few months. But hey......

Here's how the credenza looked after I got my hands on it the first time. You can hear more about that here and see how the room looked  prior to these most recent changes. The room was pretty but a little too calm for the mood that I wanted in there.

How I took the Bachelor out of the dresser..Furniture Makeover

May 14, 2013

This is a story of a guy, a girl........ and a dresser . 

Once upon a time when the girl first met guy he was a hunky, hot, eligible bachelor. She.... a creative, smart, DIY bachelorette and not so bad to look at her self.
And although the guy was really hunky, his furniture ....well not so hot,but the girl fell in love anyways and since she was creative, she saw the possibilities in him and his furniture. 
And so the years passed, dating, marriage, kids and that same ole bachelor dresser.
 Their life was abundantly blissful and full of so much love for each other but unfortunately not so much for the dresser.... But all that was about to change.

 See, that's where the creative girl who saw the possibilities years ago transformed that dresser and gave it a new life and purpose.... as a credenza in her office.

In the end, the hunky guy was still smitten and very much in love with the creative, smart, DIY and not so bad to look at girl, and she with him. 
And the couple and credenza lived happily ever after.
The end.

PS- To see more of my home office click here.

Grateful for~
The guy

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Can Organization Be Stylish....You Bet

April 1, 2013

So please tell me... 
Can you pat your head and rub your belly at the same time?

Is the grass really greener on the other side?

Did "Gnarly" really mean very cool in the 1980s?

Do you count your chickens before they hatch?
Can you really have your cake and eat it too? 
When saying good bye to others, do you find yourself saying, "Catch you on the flip side?"

The apple doesn't fall too far off the tree, does it?
Are you one who uses "groovy" to describe something
 so excellent? 
Can you really gag someone with a spoon?

Do you think you can be organized and stylish at the same time?  Do you think that something that looks so good can take minutes to put together?

 You bet... And my Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery Wall Manager proves that it is possible.

I have tried for a while to find something that fit the "look" of my office aesthetically, at the same time being completely functional. I mean who doesn't need a place to write notes, jot important events on a calendar, and store bills that need to get paid all while looking stylish?   Besides, being organized also helps me be productive. To achieve this stylish, organized and productive system, I started with an open frame that I painted to coordinate with the room.


Next, I cut a piece of foam board to fit inside the frame and covered it with fabric, using spray adhesive to secure to the foam board.

I placed my Martha Stewart Home Office Wall Manager - available in black and white, exclusively from Staples - on my board to determine the placement before securing it with the nails that were provided with the kit. There is also a built-in level to help keep things straight. This is perfect for people like me who tend to "eyeball" when hanging things on the wall. Is that you too?

As soon as the board went up, I immediately started to feel more organized because everything now has a place on the wall and is visible to me when sitting at my desk... and paying bills.

 Oh and for the record... the grass is only greener on the other side if it gets more water and fertilizer.

PPS- To see more of my projects, click here.

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Office Evolution

They say good things happen to "offices" who wait.  Really they do.  
See, it only took my office a few color schemes over the course of several years, and several gallons of paint to get to this point.

     From Meadow Green a few years ago, to which I blame that color choice entirely on my pregnancy hormones, with twins.........
 so it was slightly elevated
To a much more soothing beige that had me unfortunately uninspired and always wanting more.....
To my now peaceful, calm and serene workplace.

Months of colors thrown on a wall
while contemplating the right decision 
 All to get to this point.
And every time I hear that old cliche that good things come to offices that wait , I have to smile...... 
and so does my office.
Are you working on any room evolutions right now? 
PS- To see my about my office journey click here

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The comfort of prayers and love from friends of Top This Top That

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Home Office Journey

February 26, 2013

There is always that one project where the vision is so crystal clear, the planning is so thought out and the timeline to complete seems so attainable.........
But not this one.

This project started 365 days ago and just finished for all the wrong right reasons.
First....... it started with my indecisiveness with the wall color. After 150 Grays and 200 blues a decision was made. 

Then .....  I lost some time because these built-in's that I stenciled here I ended up painting over after I discovered that it just wasn't the look that I was after.
Note to self: Next time you are going to stencil , apply your stencil to a scrap piece of wood or drywall and then determine if you like it. This will save a lot of time and effort.

Next...... I added some additional time and another project to the list when I decided to paint the desk using the same color that I used with this piece here . I am happy to say though - no regrets with that decision either!

Then...... I  not only ordered the wrong size rug but didn't like it for my office when I put it on the floor. The rug below was from Rugs.Com.

I tried a few ( well 4 to be exact) drapery choices along the way and it wasn't until the 4th choice that I was happy with how they looked in my space. FYI- This was number 2 from Target. 

 I even thought I would try to create a cover for my chair but 
quickly realized that this simply was not my forte, and probably never will be.

And when I finally landed on what I 'thought' was going to be the accent color..... I  created some simple art work for the walls here . Luckily, I ended up repurposing the frame for another project.

Needless to say, that although my original vision did not exactly come to fruition, the look I got is even better then I had planned and is finally finished. Click here to see the office.
 So it's only fitting that after 365 days, 5 hours, 20 mins and 11 seconds of starting the project, that I share the room. 

Curious- do you have any of these 365 day projects?

PS- Until then, I promise I won't make any changes.

Grateful for~
A finished project!

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Creating Easy Office Art

April 7, 2012

Things are progressing in my office makeover , just not as fast I would like. Probably because I can't get up from my beautiful new chair that I got from World Market.
It's intended as a dining chair, but makes the perfect accent chair in my office. I have been eying this chair for some time in Ballard's catalog but was pleasantly surprised to see it priced ~$200 less at World Market. I showed you my fabric choices here,  and I was able to finish a small pillow for the chair.
Once I did get off the chair, I was also able to make some super easy wall art with the fabric that I had left over.

 Supplies you will need to make this easy art project:
  • Frame- I used 11x17
  • spray paint- I used satin nickle
  • cardboard back from the frame
  • fabric- dimensions 11X17
  • Spray adhesive
 Step 1) This frame was taking up space in my craft room cabinet so I decided to use it. Remove the glass and spray your frame, in your color choice.
 Step 2) cut your piece of fabric to the dimensions of your frame. My frame was 11x17.
 Step 3) Use the spray adhesive to secure the fabric to the cardboard back of your frame. I sprayed the back of my fabric and smoothed down the fabric on the cardboard to remove any creases or wrinkles.
Step 4) Place your cardboard back into the frame

 Step 5) Ready to hang and admire- while sitting in my chair of course!
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