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My Version of a Healthy Trifle

February 12, 2013

Please don't laugh , but I always assume that if dessert has fruit in it, it's healthy...... right?

Just like this one.....

And it's extra good for you if you combine at least 2 of the key food groups.... in this case dairy and fruit.

So in reality the only "unhealthy" ingredient in this trifle are the brownies that I cut up and layered on the bottom of my dish?

And topped with fresh strawberries that I mixed with a bit of Splenda and a little water.

And then added a ' kinda sorta I want to believe it's healthy' whipped cream that I made with heavy whipping cream ( 2 cups) and some powdered sugar ( 1 cup or to desired thickness) on top.

And to promote more good healthy eating, I added another layer on top and garnished with more strawberries.

Go ahead. Tell me that doesn't look healthy.......

I will make a believer out of you too!

PS- Tell me, do you have the same assumption about fruit? 

Grateful for~
The ability to work out after I eat "healthy" desserts like this

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I Dig You

February 14, 2012

When my husband first uttered those three little words my heart stopped, but just for second.
When we became one in our commitment as husband and wife, those three little words were not only in our hearts but on our hands.
When we lay in bed at night to sleep, those three little letters are not only in our hearts but on our bed.
Around the house, those three little letters serve as a constant reminder of how much I love you.
Those three little words complete me and so do you.

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Love Fest - It's all about the Crafts

February 11, 2012

This year I raised my hand to do the class craft for Valentine's Day for my son's Kindergarten class. While looking for inspiration, I came across some awesome ideas I wanted to share.  With a few days left, it's not too late to complete a craft this weekend!
These love bugs from Playdate Magazine would be a perfect craft for the kids.
How about this Sweet Wreath from Salvaged Whimsy that is made out of holiday remnants! What!
Look how At Second Street created these Pottery Barn inspired Valentine pouches. So stinkin cute!
And if you are still looking for more craft inspiration, Jen at Tatertots and Jello does a great job highlighting  25 Valentine's Day Projects to make
With Love,
Come back tomorrow  to see the sweet teacher gifts that I made for Valentines Day.

Delicious treat idea for Your Valentine

February 9, 2012

Although my love for chocolate is out of this world, these scrumptious treats that I made are  pretty darn "sweet"! I wasn't entirely sure how they were going to turn out, but I am pleased to say that I have impressed myself with my hidden culinary skills. If you find yourself eating ~200 of these, then I would say you would agree as well!

This is basically an improvised cake pop because  instead of the traditional "cake" batter that you would use, I  used plain donut holes.
If you are not familiar with making cake pops here's some easy instructions for you to try.
Supplies needed
Candy Melts- I used Wilton Brand Red Candy
Lolipop sticks
Donut Holes

(Sorry of the image quality)
Melt your candy in a heater on high temp. I use the Wilton Candy Melt. There are other brands out there but this is the only one that I am familiar with. When your candy is thoroughly melted you can place your temp on warm. Take your stick and dip the tip into the candy melt, insert about 1/2 way into your donut hole. Place on a plate upright.
Chill your pops for about 1 hour. This will allow time for the candy to harden to the donut hole, thus securing it to the stick. 

Turn your candy melt back on to high or warm depending on the consistency of your candy. Now your ready to decorate your pops. Dip your pop into the candy melt, cover entire pop and tap off excess. After a few seconds apply your embellishments.This is where you can be totally creative and use sugars, sprinkles, nuts and candies. For this project I bought a bottle that had a variety of colors perfect for my valentine treats.
Place your pops on wax paper until they are dried and the candy mixture hardens. You can also used styrofoam and stick the pops in to dry.

Now if I can only stop eating my red pops long enough to get them all packaged for my children's class , I'll be in good shape or I will need to get in shape!

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Valentine Gift for the man who has everything

February 7, 2012

I had ever intention today of showing you a cute idea that I usually put together for my husband- the man who has everything, for Valentines Day this year. A photo collage using some little props/letters to spell out endearing words and sayings.
It worked for Dad's birthday gift last year
It worked for my Christmas Card

and so, I thought I would try it for Valentines Day. 
A sweet little picture, in a sweet little frame.
 So, here's my first attempt at capturing the right shot
my second attempt
and third
Then I realized, you know what my husband will love more then the sweet little picture in the sweet little frame? He will love that I was thinking about him.  He will love the amount of time I spent thinking about what to get him. He will love the fact that the kids really had a good time "making" daddy a gift. He will love that the kids probably frustrated mommy because she couldn't get the "right" shot. 
But, I think what he will love even more then anything is knowing how much we love him and adore him.  
Ya know, the more I think about it, that just makes next year's gift a whole lot easier!

Love Fest- DIY Moss Heart Wreaths and Floating Hearts

February 4, 2012

Love is in the air....... and today after this tutorial it will be on your door!!
Yesterday I showed you these simple but sweet mossy heart wreaths. Today in a few short steps, I will show you how to make these sweet wreaths and the floating hearts for your mantel.
 Moss Wreaths
Supplies Needed:
Heart form- I got mine at Joann Fabric for about $8.00 each
Spray adhesive
Roll of moss- for 1 wreath you need about 2 rolls of moss
Ribbon- I used wide red grosgrain to hang my wreaths

 Begin wrapping the wreath form with the moss. You will wrap fairly tight , but not to tight where is pulls the  moss apart. When you finish with one roll you will want to use some spray adhesive to tack the ends down- you will want to do that with each start and stop of your ends.
 Your finished wreath should look like this. When you are done , cut a piece of ribbon ( to your size) and loop at the top of the heart. I used some glue to hold my ribbon in place.
 I told you these were simple! And will look lovely hanging up.
DIY Floating Hearts
I have never thought to decorate the mantel for Valentines Day until I started seeing all of these cute Valentine mantel displays. I wanted to do something that incorporated everyone in the family so I came up with these personalized hanging hearts.
This is so easy to do, I almost feel foolish giving you instructions, but I will anyways.
Supplies needed:
  • lettering for the hearts- I cut my silver letters out of vinyl from my silhouette machine
  • pre-packaged felt hearts in an assortment of colors- I purchased mine from Joann Fabrics for about 8.00.
  • jute twine to hang the hearts
  • clothes pins to clip the hearts to the twine
  • tape or something to secure the jute twine to your mantel

Secure your letters to the felt hearts. Clip with clothes pin onto the jute twine. Told you- easy!

With Love,

Love Fest - Moss heart wreaths

February 3, 2012

I love to hang wreaths at my front door. It's such a great way to express yourself before guests come into your home.
This year if you come to my front door, you will be greeted by these lovely moss wreaths.
 Nothing fancy, just a simple expression of how you will feel when you come to my home- loved. Well, at least I hope so.

 I added a few other accessories to complete the look. A red birdhouse, pillows on the chair and natural elements of dried sticks.
If you are not into moss ( no feelings hurt) I have found a few other wreath ideas you may want to consider.

Red satin wreaths from My Blessed Life

This Martha Stewart inspired wreath made out of cupcake liners from Tater Tot's and Jello

I saved my favorite for last. Yes, I even like this better then my plain little mossy one's. This is from Salvaged Whimsy and made out of tissue paper. These will be on my door's next year!

So, if moss is your thing, I hope you will come back tomorrow where I show you how to make my DIY Moss Heart Wreaths as the Love Fest continues.
With Love,