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Thanksgiving Table Ideas

November 20, 2014

Little did I know ....

How pretty my table runner made out of brown craft paper here would look on this years thanksgiving table.

Or how the 'fancy' gold chargers that I bought 15 years ago when I hosted my in laws for the the first thanksgiving dinner....only to find out they were really were more like chinette paper plate people, could look pretty darn good with my everyday white dishes with mismatched plates on top.

Dresser Makeover....and how I saved $1,143

November 14, 2014

Oh, how I loved it when gas was $1.50 ( BTW last time was Nov,2008), a good Buy One Get One Sale, which I always seem to spend more then I normally would have,  clipping coupons that I remember to bring with me to the grocery store instead of the bottom of my handbag, using my Kohl's bucks before they expire and....... when I don't have to spend $1,143 on furniture. 

The savings story began when we were working on Lily's bedroom makeover and my husband suggested we look for a dresser and nightstand that were bigger then what she had in her room and something that she could use for a long time. She was actually 'borrowing' the guest room dresser for the last few years and I knew that she would eventually outgrow it...she is a girl after all.

Breezeway Changes Over 11 years

April 18, 2014

If there is one room in my house that needs more maintenance and updating then my hair color...... it's my breezeway. 

This room sees more foot traffic then any other space in the house. Nestled between the garage and the house, it's primary purpose is to greet you when you don't come to the front door.
So with that in mind, clutter, mounds of tennis shoes, and red Georgia clay are things that I prefer you not see when you come to visit.

Here's a few shots of the space during the last 11 years. Hopscotch anyone? Top left picture was the day we moved in. Right picture was this past Christmas. Everything else was the years in between.

I am excited about a few changes that I am about to wrap up in this space, that I think may just hold me over for the next 11 years. 

The best part, I am making the changes for next to nothing in cost, some rugs and a gallon of paint........and I can get my hair done more regularly now!

Do you have that room in your home that constantly gets the update?

I hope you have a lovely and blessed Easter. Candy, eggs, family and all that it is suppose be on this special day.

 my heart is grateful for you.


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Office Reveal

April 16, 2014

Well now that my hubby's office is finished....productivity is up this week, phone calls are getting returned, emails are getting answered and my husband is making it into his office chair each day...safely with no risk of injury.

Which was not so easy a few months ago before I decided to clear the craft room clutter and give him a safe environment in which to work in. OSHA would be happy that I am complying to standards.

This is the room when we got started. You can catch up here.
A lot of this is the craft room crap pushed to his side since we worked on both spaces simultaneously.

And this is how the space looks now.

The plan, we put a wall up, we painted the walls, painted his desk, got a new rug,  added some curtains and threw a couple of pillows on the couch

First thing was to create a wall between the two spaces. At this very moment I imagine my husband was thinking "You stay on your side and I will stay on mine". Ha...I don't blame him.

Paint the walls. I chose SW white for the top and ceiling and SW Mindful Grey for the bead board.

The table, that use to serve as my craft table and was once my sisters kitchen table 25 years ago, got freshened up and is now my husbands work desk. I sanded the top down and added 2 coats of the Mindful Grey. His old desk is now my kitchen table. You can read about that here. It's a love story. Really it is.

Since this room gets a lot of sun during the afternoon I chose a dark pewter color velvet like cotton fabric for the curtains.

The rug is indoor/outdoor from Home Decorators Collection. The Stools are from Pier One (purchased a few years ago) and I freshened them up with a couple coats of paint.

The couch/futon we have had for several years. I added some grey and jute trimmed pillows and a grey throw from PB to make it more cozy for lunch time naps. I made the pattern pillows.  The light is from IKEA and the guitar in the corner.... my husband has had it since he was a teenager. 

It is such a great space and 'we' love how it turned out.  Now, I even like coming up to his office and watching him work.... but not for too long. I would hate to be in the way of productivity.

PS- And for those of you wondering, the craft room is DONE. Can I get a  'yay baby'.  Here's a peek of the space and also what my husband walks through everyday to get to his side. I will share next week.

That we finished this project and my husband has a
 great space to work in each day


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March Monthly Highlights and a Kitchen Peek

April 7, 2014

Whoever came up with the saying ""in like a lion" and going "out like a lamb" must not have seen me or my house during the month of March. To say that the Kitchen project here was beginning to slightly kick my ........ is right on. 

We actually worked like Lions this weekend to finish up painting the last of  the drawers, touch ups, lining cabinets and putting stuff back in it's place. WE ARE DONE!
Here's a sneak peek.

Here's a few other things I managed to share during the month.

Simply simplistic Spring Mantel here

Recipe for yummy and easy PB& J Cupcakes here

Build a succulent garden in less than 5 mins here

Shared 4 of my favorite easy Spring projects

So did March come in a Lion and leave like a lamb for you, or were you a lion the whole month too? 

Grateful for~
A husband that never left my side during the kitchen project and helped every step of the way...even if I was 'roaring' at him.

PS- Click here for my other monthly highlights.


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Readers Choice Awards for 2013

January 6, 2014

Happy New Year!

Well the readers have spoken. The votes are in. And based on what you enjoyed reading in 2013 at Top This Top That, here are your favorite posts from the year.

Best room switch....... Breakfast Room

Best Painting Risk of the Year........ here

Favorite Burlap Project ....... Burlap Trees

Best Place to take a nap in my house..... 
Master Bedroom Makeover

Best Fall Project....Orange Pumpkin Wreath

You couldn't get enough of ....My Donkey and My Summer Home Tour

Your favorite organization post....Organization can be stylish

Your favorite home tour when it was hot.....Summer Home Tour

Favorite collection..... 6 furniture makeovers

Your favorite home tour when it was cold....... 
Christmas Home Tour

Thank you so much for following along with me each week as I dip my brush into some paint, create, switch rooms around in my house, sit on my front porch, and listen to my donkeys. I appreciate you, the comments and questions you have left, and being able to inspire you with my projects
Looking forward to sharing 2014 with you.

Did your favorite project make my list? What was it?

Grateful for~
Ringing in the new year with love, good health and family
Seeing true friends along the way


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Christmas Mantel and Letter to Santa

December 23, 2013

Dear Santa,

We are ready..... you can come down the chimney now. We have waited for this night all year. And don't worry, although we are beyond excited, we will do our best to be asleep at 11:59 pm and be up at 6:00 am. Plenty of time for you to do your thing......and have a snack.

The tree is up and our stockings are hung. We made some cookies with mom.....but we ate your share yesterday. Yum.
They were really good. 

Sorry about that Santa. We really have been good this year....... Honest. 
We will leave some fresh carrots and extra cheeze- its for you, they will be in the kitchen here.  

And Santa, since this house is blessed with lots of love already, please leave a little extra something under the trees for the children who need it more then we do....... That's what we really want for Christmas.

Tell ya what Santa, to make things a bit easier for you to see, we'll even leave the lights on the tree for you. 

Glowing and twinkling..... just like Rudolph's nose.

Merry Christmas Santa!

With love and grateful hearts forever,

PS- Santa, if you and your elf's have some extra time and want to see more of our holiday home........ and take a potty break, you can go here.

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