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The little red scarf....Holiday Mantel

November 12, 2014

Between you and me, I think my cow is rockin it in my red and black scarf........Don't you?

Sitting there all sassy like, surrounded by cedar, evergreen sprigs and pine cones.....
Every cows dream.

4 Things My Kitchen Can't Live Without

August 27, 2014

I must admit that I am thoroughly enjoying my newly painted kitchen. Even the mere sight of it,  almost makes me want to cook..... almost.
One thing that I am sure about though, are 4 things in my kitchen that I absolutely can't live without..... nor can my kitchen. 

Summer Breakfast Room

June 23, 2014

It was about 6 years ago.

I remember the conversation between my husband and I, like it was yesterday. I was fairly to the point. He was watching TV and the conversation went something like this.......

"Honey, ummm..... I have been thinking, (in which he rolls his eyes) Why don't we turn the family room into the breakfast room."
I felt like I needed some distance between the cartoons, and hubby's shows while in the kitchen cooking, monitoring homework or just enjoying a quiet moment.

Needless to say, the conversation turned out a lot better then I thought it would.
One of the best decisions we ever could have made for our home...and kitchen. You can read more about the transition from family room to breakfast room here.

It's not like I am flip floppin rooms in my house on a regular basis, in fact this is the only one that has seen such a dramatic change in it's purpose. The reason....this table. 

The original plan that we created when we built our home was centered around this table, however the architect was a just a tad bit off with the measurements on the day he was working on that room ....and it didn't fit. Eventually, that room transitioned into my keeping room. Win win for me.

With no place to put an almost 8 foot table, we put it up in my husbands office,  and I got a smaller replacement table ( which is now in this room ) and we continued to eat our cereal each morning happily ...until that day 6 years ago and that conversation. 

Eating cheerios, has not been the same ever since. We still enjoy eating them......  only much better. And these days, much better since we moved the original 8 foot table back into this space, just like it was meant ...... all along.

Have you had an major room flips in your home?

PS- To see our recently transformed kitchen click here.

what i didn't know then, i do now


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The Finished Kitchen....Sorta

June 16, 2014

Kinda of... Sort of..... well almost.
 See, the last minute window addition is not completed yet but if I waited to show you everything completely finished..... well it may just be Christmas.
So, after many months of contemplating whether to paint the cabinets ( after 11 years it was time to address the wear and tear), researching how to paint them, choosing paint colors, painting the back splash, sanding every square inch, priming every square inch, and painting the cabinets, I am thrilled to share our "brighter" kitchen.

Kitchen Progress ...and my new cows

March 5, 2014

I am sure you have all heard the expression putting the ' Cart Before the horse'.... You know the figure of speech that means doing things the wrong way or in the wrong order. Well, I have been known to put the cart before the horse a time or two, but never have I put the  'Cart Before the Cow' until this week, when I hung him......

and him....

I think the new additions look a lot like this guy down at the end of the neighbor.

Don't worry, you didn't miss any big kitchen reveal. In fact, this is the status of the project as of yesterday. Primed and ready to be painted....and hanging in the garage. We are waiting on suitable weather conditions to finish the spraying.

But as I told my husband, as I hung those cows....that the decorating in our 'almost finished except for the doors' kitchen should move right along in the cart. Besides I am a tad bit giddy with excitement.

My main goal all along with the project, was to update the kitchen while keeping costs at a minimum. 
So far, so good..

My pop of color inspiration was determined when I picked up this clock that now resides over my mantel, at a local antique shop a few months ago. Since then, I have picked up a few bowls and cups to mix in with our existing white dishes that we use everyday. I picked up that blue tray at IKEA for lunch money.

My 8 year counter stools will be getting a makeover. Since they are in pretty decent shape, considering the abuse they get daily from my children,  I am going to paint the base white and replace the vinyl cover to a grey fabric that I already have.  

You can see what the counter stools will look like in the next photo.
My kitchen chairs also got a little refresh using the same color grey that I used in my island. The chair pads are from World Market. 

I look forward to completing this project with much anticipation. In fact,  when I am done ......You might even see me jump over the moon....with my cows.

So tell me, do you ever put the cart before the horse...or cow?


that my husband and boys stomach virus lasted 23 hours
 instead of 24 hours......although one little guy is still home sick.

PS- To see where my kitchen started, click here. To follow my kitchen cabinet project click here and here.


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