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My 2014 Year in A Blog Post

January 5, 2015

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. I have enjoyed the last couple of weeks, not picking up a paint brush, moving a piece of furniture and not even thinking about what the next project was going to be. 
Totally appreciated......... family time and every aspect of the holiday break. Wearing my PJ's until dinner time..... without feeling guilty. Watching endless amounts of the Hallmark Channel, HGTV and Home Alone. I was so rested that I actually stayed up till midnight New Years Eve, to give my hubby a smooch.

Kicking off 2015 wouldn't feel complete without looking at some highlights from 2014, a year in which I think was pretty amazing for me, my family and the blog.

My favorite room reveals for the year

October Review...and how stepping on acorns really does hurt!

November 4, 2014

Hello friends . Welcome to  November. This is my absolute favorite time of the year.  The weather, the view around the property, the general mood of people ( everyone seems to be a bit calmer before the crazy begins) and snacking on the endless stock of the kids candy left over from Halloween.   
And although we have a few ' house' projects that were started a while back ( more on that later)  we have committed to finishing them all up by the end of this month, I will still enjoy this month immensely..... even if I step on acorns in bare feet. Ouch!

October had some great moments on the tire swing and off. Here's some of my fav projects from the month.

May Roundup- Craft Room Reveal, Summer Mantel, 'No Name' Summer Dessert

June 2, 2014

Happy June. Hope you had a fabulous month. I am hoping that if it's anything like May, it won't fly by. Why do summer months have to do that anyways?
Did you notice my new header?  Ha. After 2 1/2 years of blogging, I finally came up with a tag line.  Live, Laugh & Decorate. I think it totally represents me and my blog. 

Earlier in the month I was out in the garden sharing my Wisteria Wreath. PS- My wisteria is still going gang busters out in the garden. I know many mentioned that they wish they had it, but it is so evasive.

Summer is in full swing ...well on the mantel it is at least. How about you...are you ready for summer? Some of you have asked about the buoys that I used. They are old wooden ones that had the original orange color on them, that belong to my husband's grandfather. 

 My lego anxiety has been cured with our new lego table that we put in the game room. I am thrilled that all the legos now can be found in one spot, but have you ever stepped on a lego with bare feet... boy it hurts!

I did a little baking and came up with this 'No Name' summer dessert. You guys rocked the suggestions and here's a few that you came up with......
Lazy Daisies
Nanner Surprise
Banana Cream Tarts
Vanilla Cloud Cups
Sunshine Pie
Banana Dream Cloud
Sunshine Cups

and my pal at Bliss Ranch submitted these original names.... although I seem a theme here
Bitsy Bites of Bliss.
Banana Bliss Bites.
Vanilla Bliss Bites.
Simple Bliss Bites

Since summer started with the kiddos at home, the only time I can really sneek up to the Craft room without kids in tow, is at night.
Regardless, day or night....I love my new space.

Did you see how my garden has evolved over the years here. Hint...It didn't always look like this!  I also hope that you entered the $100 Visa gift card giveaway. If not, head on over, smell the roses before June 22nd and enter to win!

Have a fabulous June!

PS- don't forget to join the Elements of Summer Tour going on this week. I will have you over on Friday but don't miss out on the other tours going on all week.

Grateful for~
all our precious animals around Top This Top That

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March Monthly Highlights and a Kitchen Peek

April 7, 2014

Whoever came up with the saying ""in like a lion" and going "out like a lamb" must not have seen me or my house during the month of March. To say that the Kitchen project here was beginning to slightly kick my ........ is right on. 

We actually worked like Lions this weekend to finish up painting the last of  the drawers, touch ups, lining cabinets and putting stuff back in it's place. WE ARE DONE!
Here's a sneak peek.

Here's a few other things I managed to share during the month.

Simply simplistic Spring Mantel here

Recipe for yummy and easy PB& J Cupcakes here

Build a succulent garden in less than 5 mins here

Shared 4 of my favorite easy Spring projects

So did March come in a Lion and leave like a lamb for you, or were you a lion the whole month too? 

Grateful for~
A husband that never left my side during the kitchen project and helped every step of the way...even if I was 'roaring' at him.

PS- Click here for my other monthly highlights.


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January at a Glance

February 10, 2014

Yes, I said glance.....and for good reason.
Doesn't it seem like the 31 days in the month passed us by just long enough for a quick glance? It almost felt like what I tell people when they are trying to find my small town " Don't blink or you will miss it".

And it seems that even a bit of snow here, couldn't slow the month down long enough, although I am sure the families that have kids home for weeks now ( due to much more snow then the couple of inches we had), are saying the month couldn't go by any faster.

Here's a recap....or glance, of the happenings at Top This Top That during the month of January.

Chandelier Makeover.....with my photo blunder as a bonus.

I made a couple of wreaths for Valentines Day. Like this easy boxwood heart wreath here

and some heart burlap wreaths here.

Showed you how SnowJam 2014 shut Atlanta down for days.... But it sure was pretty. We have another snow and ice event in the forecast for this week. SnowJam Part 2!

and, I finally surrendered to half painted walls and unfinished projects from 365 days ago. You can read more here.

I have two major projects underway this month. I am putting the finishing touches on the craft room here and have begun painting cabinets in the kitchen. I will share more about that later this week.

So whether you still think it's January or feel like me....I hope you had a great month and that February is off to an amazing start.

Grateful ~
To be able to volunteer in my community and giveback.

PS- are you caught up in watching the Olympics? How amazing for those athletes to compete and represent the USA after all that training and hard work. Bring home the gold - USA!

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Readers Choice Awards for 2013

January 6, 2014

Happy New Year!

Well the readers have spoken. The votes are in. And based on what you enjoyed reading in 2013 at Top This Top That, here are your favorite posts from the year.

Best room switch....... Breakfast Room

Best Painting Risk of the Year........ here

Favorite Burlap Project ....... Burlap Trees

Best Place to take a nap in my house..... 
Master Bedroom Makeover

Best Fall Project....Orange Pumpkin Wreath

You couldn't get enough of ....My Donkey and My Summer Home Tour

Your favorite organization post....Organization can be stylish

Your favorite home tour when it was hot.....Summer Home Tour

Favorite collection..... 6 furniture makeovers

Your favorite home tour when it was cold....... 
Christmas Home Tour

Thank you so much for following along with me each week as I dip my brush into some paint, create, switch rooms around in my house, sit on my front porch, and listen to my donkeys. I appreciate you, the comments and questions you have left, and being able to inspire you with my projects
Looking forward to sharing 2014 with you.

Did your favorite project make my list? What was it?

Grateful for~
Ringing in the new year with love, good health and family
Seeing true friends along the way


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Happy 2014 To You!

January 1, 2014

I am ready for 2014...... are you? 

I am ready for another year of change and growth, not only for myself but for my family....... are you?

I am ready for a fresh start and getting excited about all the things that I would like to accomplish this year....... are you?

I am ready to finish all of the projects that I started from last year......are you? 

I am ready to relax and sit back, to enjoy more of what I accomplish.....  are you?

I am ready to challenge myself into new areas and step out of my comfort zone..... are you?

I am ready to give more, love more and want less....are you?

Thanks so much for following Top This Top That this year. 
It means the world to me, and so do you!

My best to you, as we embark on this new year. I hope it brings you much happiness, hope and....... opportunity.

Grateful for~
A New Year!

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December Highlights

December 27, 2013

Last month of the year
Last days of the month
Last day of the week
It's been a wonderful month, and I am kinda sad that it's coming to an end. A month filled with holiday home tours, school parties, holiday baking and children's smiles. But with it's ending, comes a whole new year filled with lots of new projects, goals and adventure.
But before we get ready to countdown to the New Year, I wanted to share a few highlights from the month at Top This Top That.

I hope you enjoy this last weekend of the year. Go out and do something amazing!

To catch up on some other monthly highlights, click here.

Grateful for~
A wonderful Christmas with my family


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October Hightlights at Top This Top That

November 4, 2013

Welcome November...... All of us ' hot cocoa drinking snugglers' have been waiting for you! 
So tell me, did you survive Halloween without major sugar rushes and newly formed cavities? The thrill of candy seems to last just a day in our house, then it's pretty much forgotten about....until mom eats the last snicker bar.

I think one of the funnest highlights in October was attending the Country Living Fair with Kim , Shirley and Kelly. Spending the day with friends, meeting new ones, buying a few signs from one of my favorite bloggers here, and a little shopping is always such a treat. 

Here's some highlights from the month of October at Top This Top That.

I joined some other  bloggers in a Fall Porch Tour here.

I made some yummy candy apples here.

If you are a hopeless romantic like me, then you will love my story here and my farmhouse table.

I am taking control of chaos and regaining some sanity in my house with my DIY dry board. Details here.

Want to make a fun fall craft? Click here for the tutorial for this Leaf Bowl.

And finally, after 12 long years I finally got some new lamps for my bedroom here.

I hope your November is filled with great lighting and extra marshmallows in your cocoa. 
I am enjoying my most favorite season of the year....Fall. I hope you are too.

PS-  I  just realized I shared the trees on the first day of November....opps! It was all the sugar from the candy. You can find the details here.

When good things happen to great people


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